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Conservation Projects •  Fund Raising Projects


Fund Raising Projects

Calendars for Sale 

Every fall we sell Sierra Club engagement and wall calendars to raise funds to support our activities. They make excellent holiday gifts for friends, relatives, clients and customers.  The engagement calendars sell for $13.95 and the wall calendars for $12.95.

Contact an ExCom member or call 581-4018 if you'd like to buy a calendar or help sell them.


Lemonade Sales

We also hope to have another lemonade stand as a fundraiser. In October 2009, we sold handsqueezed lemonade at Pumpkin Days in Republic.  Dan Crane, who is chairing WRG's lemonade sales committee, spent part of his Labor Day holiday in 2008 squeezing lemons with the Kansas City Sierra Club group while learning the ropes. We had a successful day inspite of the chilly weather.

Look for future events when you can volunteer to help staff a lemonade stand and sell freshly squeezed lemonade.

Newsletters, tabling, exhibits, meetings and even raising funds takes money. When we all pitch in, it not only supports the Group's mission to explore, enjoy and protect our planet, but it can be a lot of fun. If you'd like to help, contact Dan at dcrane6538@aol.com.


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