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Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Science is all around us, you just need to know where to look. Make a
homemade bird feeder to bring some feathered friends in so you can see them
up close!
What you need:
Heavy duty string or yarn
Pine cone
Peanut butter
Small plastic knife
Small paper bowl or plate
What you do:
1. Tie the string around the top of the pine cone and knot it, leaving enough
string to hang it up from a tree branch.
2. Carefully use the plastic knife to spread peanut butter over the pine cone,
until it's completely covered.
3. Pour the bird seed into the disposable plate or bowl, and roll the pine cone
in it.
4. Hang your new creation on a tree branch near a window, and wait for some
As you observe your visitors, observe their similarities and differences. You
may just become a birdwatcher for life!
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Pine Cone Bird Feeder, by