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Your Head is in the Clouds!
Have you ever stared up at the clouds and seen shapes or monsters? Have you
ever heard "Get your head out of the clouds" while you were daydreaming?
Well now's your chance to get your head in the clouds! Daydream a little and
use your science and writing skills, too!
What you need:
3 pieces construction paper
1 pencil, 1 marker
Cotton balls
Hole puncher
Lined paper
Pillow or blanket
Folder or book
What you do:
1. On a sunny day with lots of clouds and blue sky, grab a pillow, blanket,
pencil, and construction paper and head outside! Spread out a blanket and
lay down, propping your head on the pillow and bending your legs at the
knees so you can use your legs as a support for your paper and folder while
you draw.
2. Look up at the clouds and draw pictures of what you see. Write a sentence
at the bottom of each picture to describe what you think the cloud looks
Adapted from:
Get your Head in the Clouds! by Mary Anne Edwards