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Make a Snow Gauge
Snow and rain fall from the sky and both of them end up as water drops.
How much water do you think comes out of snow? Explore this question as
a scientist and practice observation, measurement--and ecological aware-
ness, too.
What you need:
A snowstorm
Plastic 12" ruler
Coffee can
Clear tape
What you do:
1. When you're waiting for a snowstorm on some wintery day, pull out a
clean, dry coffee can. This will be your "collecting station."
2. Tape the plastic ruler to the inside edge of the coffee can so that the
bottom of the ruler hits the bottom of the coffee can. The rest of the ruler
will stick out at the top.
3. Place the coffee can upright in an open area outdoors
4. When the storm is over, check the frozen results. How high did the snow
5. Now bring the can indoors and let the snow melt. Now how high is the
remaining water?
You can do this experiment over and over during the winter months. Keep a
chart. It's good science!
Adapted from:
Make a Snow Gauge, by Julie Williams