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It's Time to Nest!
Use your own backyard and gather the items you think a bird would use to
make a nest. Using those items, try to make a bird's nest yourself! It may be
harder than you expect but you'll better appreciate how hard it is to create
something out of just what nature offers. If you want to use glue, too bad!
This is a nature-only project!
What you need:
Pine Needles
What you do:
1. Write down the items you
think a bird would use to
make a nest. Think outside
the box.
2. Go in the backyard and start scavenging for the items you wrote down.
Think about what a bird has access to out in the wild.
3. Bring in the items and place them on a newspaper. Try to move the grass,
twigs and other items into a bird nest shape. The idea is to think about
what kinds of things would make the nest hold that shape.
4. Try weaving items together, like the pine needles and grass. See if you
can use just two fingers, mimicking a bird's beak, to get items to stick
5. Check out some books at your local library about birds native to your
area. See what kinds of things they use to build a nest and how they put
them together. Think about why they build them high up in a tree and
whether that is a key element to keeping the nest together.
6. Display your nest outside in a tree! You never know, you might make a
family of birds very happy to visit!
Adapted from:
Make Like a Bird and Nest! by Lisa M. Cope