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Collect Meteorites!
What you need:
Large piece of white paper or plastic
Magnifying glass (or a microscope)
A clear sunny day
What you do:
1. Put the sheet of paper or plastic outside in the sun
2. Leave in place for 4 hours or more.
3. Carefully lift and tap the edges of the sheet so all collected material rolls
into the center.
4. Hold the magnet against the bottom of the sheet and gently tilt it so the
material which is not attracted to the magnet rolls off.
5. Look for dark round particles with pitted surfaces in the material under a
magnifying glass.
6. You have found tiny extra-terrestrial rocks called micrometeorites!
Tons of these fine particles drop to Earth everyday! A lot of this material
originated at the same time our solar system formed, about 4½
billion years
Adapted from
Collecting Meteorites, by Nick Greene