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Zagonyi Park sits on 10.5 acres of green space
with plenty of room to have a fun day at the
park.This park offers something for all ages and
interests to enjoy. There are two small play-
grounds, places to picnic, open field space, ten-
nis and basketball courts. There are also some
walking paths to enjoy through the park.
Zagonyi Park is at the corner of Mt. Vernon and
Park Avenue on a quiet residential street which
adds to the relaxing atmosphere.
Zagonyi Park
Mt. Vernon & Park Avenue
Springfield, MO
417 864-1049
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1. How many different types of trees can you
find? Draw pictures of their leaves and bark.
2. Why should you keep your dog on a leash in
the park? What effects can dogs have on plants,
animals and other people?
3. Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes.
Focus on the sounds around you. Can you sepa-
rate the sounds of nature from sounds made by
Zagonyi Park is located in
northwest Springfield.
Go north on Kansas
Expressway from the
corner of Sunshine and
Kansas Expressway
approximately 1.5 miles to
Mt Vernon. Turn right on
Mt. Vernon approximately
half a mile to Park Avenue.
Turn left on Park Avenue
and the entrance to the
park is on the east side
of the road.