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Lilley Young Park is a two-acre park which pro-
vides a great 7/10-mile walking fitness trail.
Community residents use the park for exercise
and a place to meet with family and friends in
the outdoors.The large open field is a great area
to spot different types of wildlife including birds,
frogs, insects, field mice and rabbits. The large
culvert located in the park helps to direct
precipitation, known as surface runoff, from
our streets.
Young/Lilley Park
300 block of Eldon
parallel to Chestnut
Springfield, MO
417 837-5800
Springfield- Greene County
Park Board
(417) 864-1049
sunrise to sunset
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1. What type of precipitation events would pro-
duce runoff?
2. Storm water runoff can cause flooding and
can be dangerous due to the volume and speed
of the water. You should always be very careful
around culverts and storm water drains. Do you
know what other health concern might be
related to runoff?
3. What species is a good indicator of a healthy
water pond? Hint:This amphibian likes fishless,
small bodies of water for breeding such as
flooded fields and ditches.
4. What species of Missouri amphibians can you
name? What do amphibians eat? What species
eat them? How many can you see at this park?
Lilley Young Park is
located on the west side of
Springfield just a half mile
west of Hwy 160 West
Bypass, on Chestnut
Expressway. Heading west
on Chestnut Expressway
you will turn left or south
onto Eldon Street.
The parking lot is in the
300 block of Eldon.