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Xeriscape Garden is a project of Master Gar-
deners, City Utilities and the Park Board in
Springfield's Phelps Grove Park. This small
demonstration garden is simply full of blooms
from spring to fall--all set off by a backdrop of
ornamental trees, shrubs and grasses.The plants
are an interesting mix of native plants, hybrids,
non-natives and cultivars.
The garden highlights the differences in habitat
that is preferred by various plants. It educates
while delighting visitors with an eye-pleasing
spectrum of colors, shapes and forms. Not only
is there a wide variety of plants (which one is
your favorite?), in the summertime there is also
an impressive diversity of bees and butterflies in
numbers not often seen in mid-town gardens.
The best time to visit is during the daylight hours
of the warm growing season, May through
Xeriscape Garden
S. National and Linwood
Springfield, MO
Springfield- Greene County
Park Board
(417) 864-1049
Master Gardeners of
Greene County
417 862-9284 x18
all hours
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1. What is a xeriscape garden (hint: look in the
gazebo in the center of the garden)? How are
the plants grouped in this garden?
2. Why do the plants in Zone 3 help to conserve
water? Why are we concerned about conserving
3. Find a plant with many bees and/or butter-
flies. What is this plant?
4. What are the bees and/or butterflies collect-
ing from this plant and how does it benefit the
The Xeriscape Garden is
located in Springfield at
the corner of National and
Linwood, south of the ten-
nis courts at the corner of
Bennett and National.