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At the far north end of Springfield is a place
where suburb and traditional farmland come to-
gether. This nineteen acre complex combines
schoolyard playground with city park. The pub-
lic school system and the local park board have
formed a partnership to create this multifaceted
area of sports fields and green space. A stan-
dard playground behind the school is combined
with basketball courts, a baseball field, three
soccer fields and a picnic area. An oval track
surrounds the sports fields but other parts of
this paved trail loop past a sheltered pavilion
and extend almost a half-mile into a small
wooded area.
Hedge apples, wild red berries and scarlet-feath-
ered cardinals add splashes of color to this mix-
ture of broadleaf and conifer trees. What's that
rustling sound? Is it the wind, or some nimble
footed creature scrambling through the brush?
Perhaps it's a chipmunk, a woodchuck, or even
Truman School Park
3850 N. Vernon
Springfield, MO
417 837-5737 or
417 864-1049
daylight hours
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a raccoon or a fox. Maybe it's just that squirrel
carrying a nut in its cheeks.
This park merges the fun of playing games with
friends with the peace of an excursion into the
woods. Traveling on the park trail you will pass
schoolyard, traditional farm lands and woods.
This walk creates a unique experience of worlds
coming together.
1. What two organizations have joined together
to form this park?
2. Why don't animals eat all the hedge apples
lying on the ground?
3. What type of tree do the hedge apples grow
Head north on National
from the corner of Kearney
and National. Go past
Norton Road about three-
quarters of a mile to where
National curves eastward
and becomes Valley Water
Mill Road. Follow this
road just past Greenlawn
Cemetery, then turn left on
Farm Road 165. Turn left
on the next road and
follow Farm Road 100
a half-mile to
Truman School.