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Several outdoor activities can be enjoyed on this
4,000 acre tract in Lawrence County near Mt.
Vernon.Ten miles of trails provide opportunities
for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Fishing
for bass, catfish and sunfish is allowed in two
small lakes. One lake features a fishing jetty
which is disabled accessible.These lakes and the
Spring River may be used for canoeing or
kayaking. If you enjoy bird watching, look for
large birds of prey, like hawks, hunting in the
open grasslands. The area is also home to a
great blue heron rookery. Explore a variety of
ecosystems including forest, savanna, prairie and
wetlands. Hunting is allowed for deer, turkey,
game birds, squirrels and rabbits.
Robert E. Talbot
Conservation Area
Hwy 96
near Mt. Vernon
Lawrence County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 895-6880
4am 10pm
except for authorized
camping, fishing and
hunting activities
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1. What kind of animals can you find in and
around the ponds?
2. Where do pond animals go in the winter?
3. What is a rookery?
4. What do you know about the great blue
heron? Do some research and find at least four
facts. For more information go to:
From Springfield, take
I-44 west to Stotts
City/Hwy 97 exit. Take
Hwy 97 north to Hwy 96.
Travel east on Hwy 96
about one mile to the main
parking area at the area
headquarters. Several
other parking areas allow
access as well. Obtain a
map at the area
headquarters or online at: