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The Swan Creek Wilderness Area and hiking
trail are located within a 9400-acre section of
the Mark Twain National Forest.There is an ex-
tensive trail system throughout these public
lands, ideal for hiking as well as horseback rid-
ing. The trails wind through forests, across
ridges, and into open glades. There is plenty of
wildlife in this region including deer, rabbits,
squirrels, quail, wild turkeys, songbirds, and even
brown bears and eagles. But also watch for
some unusual animals that are more typically
found in the southwest, such as the roadrunner,
the armadillo, and the collared lizard. Bring your
own water, pack a lunch, and leave the wilder-
ness just as you found it.
Wrangler Camp is the parking and camping
trailhead for this section. Enjoy the picturesque
Swan Creek as it ripples and falls, just a short
walk from the parking lot.
Swan Creek Wilderness Area
Swan Creek Trail
Wrangler Camp
Mark Twain
National Forest
Hwy 125
Christian County, MO
Contact Agency:
U.S. Forest Service
573 364-4621
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Horseback riding is sometimes heavy in this
area during major holidays and weekends in
the summer.
1. Find an area with a quiet pool of water. How
many living things can you find in the water?
2. What is the name of the tall trees with the
peeling bark, often growing right beside the
water? Hint: Their name includes the color.
3. How do these trees help protect the banks of
the stream?
4. See if you can find some snails attached to
some of the rocks in the streambed. What do
these snails eat?
Take Hwy 65 south from
Springfield. Turn left at the
Sparta exit just south of
Ozarks and follow the
signs to Sparta.
Proceed through town and
turn right onto Hwy 125.
The Bar-K Campground at
Wrangler Camp is located
14 miles south of Sparta
on Hwy 125. Turn left into
Wrangler Camp and follow
the signs to Blue Hole