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Nestled away in the heart of the suburbs is a
small but charming hideaway that's perfect for
outdoor recreation. This park contains a well-
equipped playground as well as a large open
field that is ideal for playing frisbee, flying a kite
or tossing and kicking a ball around. This pic-
turesque green space almost begs for a pick-up
football game on a crisp fall day. Surrounding
the perimeter of the park is an asphalt track
where one can walk or ride a bike, safe from the
automobile traffic of the city. A bicycle rack pro-
vides a secure place to store one's bike when
playing in the park. The trees are widely spaced
apart but each is beautiful and there is a mix-
ture of broadleaf and pines. Fresh air and fun
are available here 365 days a year.
Sanford Park
Corner of Battlefield &
Springfield, MO
(417) 864-1049
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1.What benefits do outdoor activities have com-
pared to playing or exercising indoors?
2. What is the advantage of walking or riding in
a park instead of in the streets of the neighbor-
3. Why do evergreen trees keep their needles
year round instead of shedding them the way
that other trees lose their leaves in the fall?
Drive west on Battlefield
from the corner of
Battlefield and Campbell,
approximately five blocks
to Franklin on the left side
of the road. Turn south and
follow this street about an
eighth of a mile. The
entrance to the park is on
the left side along the
3100 block of S. Franklin.