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This trail was created for mountain biking, but
it's also a fun place to hike and enjoy the Little
Sac River.This is one of the longest and best hik-
ing and biking trails in the area. Located on the
northwest edge of Springfield, it manages to feel
fairly remote and rugged. Mountain bikers of all
skill levels enjoy several miles of interconnecting
switchback trails. Don't forget to wear your hel-
met! The terrain is varied, ranging from rocky
hills to smooth sections, making every outing
here a unique experience.
The rush of the river, colorful wildflowers and
bird songs are a symphony to the nature lover's
ear. Fish, frogs, turtles and crayfish swim about
in their natural habitat. Evergreen and broad-
leaf trees dominate this former farmland a
testament to the beauty of woods reclaimed.
Sac River Trail
North Farm Road 129
Springfield-Greene County
Park Board
1923 N. Weller
Springfield, MO
417 864-1049
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1. What are the differences between a broadleaf
(or deciduous) tree and an evergreen tree (or
2. What is attached to some of the trees to mark
the system of trails?
3. What is a dual use trail system?
4. Why is it important to have trails designated
for certain use?
5. What effects do different activities have on
these trails?
From the corner of
Kearney and Kansas
Expressway, go north on
Kansas Expressway until
it turns into Highway 13.
Take Hwy 13 north from
Springfield for three miles.
Watch for the Sac River
Trail sign on the right side
of the highway. Turn left at
the sign and follow the
access road to the gravel
parking lot on the right.