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This farm park celebrates the rich agricultural
heritage of the area, providing a taste of farm
life right here in the city. There are lots of fun
things for kids and parents alike. The animal
barn and open pens exhibit such diverse live-
stock as calves, pigs, goats, sheep and miniature
horses. There is a chicken coop, a milking barn,
pasture land and gardens. A large pond where
fishing is permitted stands next to a 20-acre na-
tive prairie. Beyond that, a one mile hiking path
is part of the Wilson's Creek Greenways Linear
Park Trail. A visitor's center with a gift shop
welcomes all guests, including school and class-
room outings. The farming theme even extends
to a playground where the equipment is shaped
like a small barn and silo.
Rutledge-Wilson Farm
Community Park
3825 W. Farm Road 146
Springfield, MO
(417) 864-1049
9am 5pm.
Closed Mondays
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1. Rutledge-Wilson Community Farm Park cel-
ebrates what type of American Heritage?
2. What hiking and biking trails run through
Rutledge-Wilson Community Farm Park?
3. What type of livestock might one see at the
4. The park contains a 20-acre natural land-
scape feature. What is it?
Travel west on Sunshine
from the corner of
Sunshine and Kansas
Expressway to the traffic
light at West Bypass. Turn
north on West Bypass and
follow it to the first road
on the left. Turn west on
Farm Road 146 and follow
it about a half-mile to the
large farm on the right
hand side of the road.
There is a big sign.