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Historic Ritter Springs Park is one of the most
charming of our area parks. It's a popular spot
for picnicking, barbequing and playing in the
large playground. The hiking trails take you into
several acres of woods and up and down around
a small lake. Archery range, pavilion and sum-
mer day camp areas are also fun features. Day
campers can be seen paddling canoes across the
calm lake and there is an abundance of water-
fowl. Near the lake is a footbridge overlooking
a waterfall, and a small cave is next to it. It's
the "spring" of Ritter Springs that feeds the lake
and the falls.
There is plenty of shade in summer provided by
the large canopy of trees. Chirping songbirds
and rapping woodpeckers sound off overhead,
while butterflies and dragonflies flit about.
Wildlife is commonly spotted and wildflowers
Ritter Springs Park
3683 W. Farm Road 92
Greene County, MO
417 864-1049
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1. Between the playground and the lake are sev-
eral nut trees. What kind of nuts may be found?
2. Besides ducks, what other kind of birds may
be seen swimming or wading in bodies of water?
3. Why are some rivers full of water, while some
old riverbeds are completely dry?
4. What role do forests play in conserving clean
5. On the hiking trail are two unusual bridges
spanning this spring. One is natural and one is
manmade. Can you name them?
From Kearney and Kansas
Expressway go north on
Kansas Expressway until it
turns into Highway 13.
Take Highway 13 north
form Springfield to
Fantastic Caverns Road
and follow the signs to
Ritter Springs.