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Phelps Grove Park is one of the Springfield's
oldest and most charming parks. There is a
lovely old rock pavilion where picnics, concerts
and weddings take place throughout the year.
Next to this park is a rose garden and the
Springfield Art Museum.
The park is home to several varieties of trees
and is a beautiful place to watch the changing
seasons. A popular 7/10 mile walking and fit-
ness trail wraps around the outer boundary. The
neighborhood, as well as the community, benefits
from the air-filtering and water-filtering trees
and greenspace.
Phelps Grove Park
800 1200 E Bennett
Springfield, MO
417 837-5800
sunrise to sunset
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1. How many different kinds of tress can you
Can you identify the different types of
trees? Hint: you can contact the Missouri Con-
servation Department and request a "Show Me
Trees" poster to help you identify the different
species. Find out more at www.missouriconser-
2. What is type of tree is the tallest in the park?
3. Can you recognize the natural area in the
park that serves as a water filtering system?
Hint: it is the lowest grassy point of the park
with a large old tree.
4. How do trees and plants filter out pollutants
and protect the environment?
Phelps Grove Park is
located in the heart of
Springfield. From the
intersection of Sunshine
and National travel north
on National to Bennett
Street. Turn west on
Bennett. The main
entrance and parking
are on the north side
of the road, over the
stone bridge.