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This 208-acre conservation area is very primi-
tive. Access to the parking lot is across a stream
ford.There are no designated trails but it is still
a fun place to explore. There are 124 acres of
forest and woodlands and 25 acres of grassland.
Also included are 34 acres of cropland, 25 acres
of open fields and a fantastic old barn.
There are several good beach sites along the
creek that would be quite nice for picnics and
water play. There are also three ponds in the
area. Hiking, fishing, native plant identification
and wildlife watching are the largest attractions.
Nearby is the Ozarks Cavefish Wildlife Refuge
on Turnback Creek. Inside a gated cave is a pro-
tected species of fish. It is what is known as a
barometer species. The presence of this Ozarks
Cavefish in local wells was a sign that healthy
water flowed through these wells.
Paris Spring
Conservation Area
Hwy 96
Lawrence County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 895-6880
daylight hours
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1. Can you identify where the forest and crop-
land merge?
2. How many different animal tracks can you
3. Where might small animals hide?
From the corner of
Kearney and Glenstone,
take Glenstone north to
the I-44 W exit.
Travel west on I-44
past Halltown to
the Hwy 96 exit.
Paris Springs is three
miles west of Halltown
on Hwy 96.