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Funding for this Guide was provided in part by a generous
grant from the
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, a public
foundation serving the Missouri Ozarks. CFO is dedicated to
working with its donors, nonprofit partners, and affiliated
foundations in meaningful and purposeful ways.
The Foundation's mission is to enhance the quality of life
in our region through resource development, community
grantmaking, collaboration, and public leadership.
The White River Group appreciates the many ways the
Foundation supports the environment in the Ozarks and
particularly for its support of this project.
Funding was also provided by donations from the following
nonprofits, businesses, and individuals:
Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club
O'Reilly Auto Parts
The Andre-Creger Family
Ruth Auner
Peggy Crane
Dr. Sally Hubbard
David Lutz
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Kids' Guide to the Ozarks Outdoors was created by members and
friends of the White River Group of the Sierra Club. The Sierra
Club is the world's oldest and largest grassroots environmental
organization, inspired by nature to work together to protect our
communities and dedicated to explore, enjoy and protect the wild
places of the earth. The White River Group has over 900 members
in southwest Missouri.
Several dedicated individuals volunteered their expertise, time and
insight to create this guide. They are: Jennifer Ailor, Cynthia Andre,
Jay Barber, Kim Bess, Rea Cook, Debby Dalton, Hugh Gibson,
Jim Hawkins, Carl and Janet Haworth, Debbie Hostetler, Melvin
Johnson, David Keene, Carla Klein, Lori Tack, Amie Turner and
Terry Wyatt.
The parks in this book were selected for their location, their unique
features, or because they were favorites of the volunteers. There are
too many great natural areas in southwest Missouri for this Guide
to be a complete list.
Your Public Lands on page 12 can point you
towards other wonderful places and experiences.
The White River Group and the Sierra Club are not responsible in
any way for accidents or injuries that may occur during visits to the
locations described herein.
Copyright 2009 by White River Group of the Sierra Club
All rights reserved. Reproduction of any part of this book in any
form without permission is prohibited.
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