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The Little Sac Woods is a small piece of wilder-
ness close to home. Enjoy a day of hiking, bird-
watching, or identifying flowers in bloom.
Fishing, limited hunting, and primitive camping
are allowed.Take a hike on a series of trails that
traverse 772 acres of forest, field, and stream.
There are some 7.3 miles of established hiking
trails. Several small ponds and streams provide
areas to search for interesting insects, aquatic
creatures, and tracks made by animals visiting
these watering holes. Maybe you'll even spot a
deer, turkey, squirrel or raccoon if you're very
While 90% of the area is forested, other high-
lights include 20 acres of savanna and glades
which are currently under restoration. Trail
maps are available on-site and via the internet.
Little Sac Woods
Conservation Area
Farm Road 115
Greene County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 895-6880
daylight hours
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1. Take a look at the large rocks that line the
parking area at the east trailhead. What kind of
rocks are these? Can you find similar rocks on
your hike?
2. Look for some fossils in the rocks. Sketch
one, research its name, and determine whether it
was a plant, insect, or an animal.
3. Check around a pond or other wet areas for
animal tracks. Sketch them and try to identify
what animal made them.
4. Can you find an example of a dead tree pro-
viding food to a living thing? Can you find a dead
tree that is providing shelter?
From the corner of Kansas
Expressway and Kearney,
drive north on Kansas Ex-
pressway until it turns into
Hwy 13. Go north on
Hwy13 for ten miles, west
on Hwy BB for three miles,
then south of a mile on
Farm Road 115. Look for
the brown Missouri De-
partment of Conservation
sign at Hwy BB and Farm
Road 115. Or you can
drive north on Hwy 13
about eight miles, turn
west on Farm Road 44,
then right on Farm Road
36 to the entrance.