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In the heart of north Springfield, across the
street from Reed Middle School, is Lafayette
Park. Many tall hardwood trees dominate this
2.2 acre green space. Most of them are mature
and healthy and several young saplings promise
that this small park will always reserve space
for arboreal beauty. In the fall, the ground is
littered with a variety of colored leaves and
squirrel's nests can be seen among the branches.
A sheltered picnic area and several grills attract
local residents while a tennis court and paved
oval track provide venues for recreation and
exercise. This small oasis is in easy walking dis-
tance of the historic Commercial Street district.
Lafayette Park
202 E. Atlantic Street
Springfield, MO
Springfield-Greene County
Park Board
417 864-1049
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1. Why are parks built and preserved within a
city when this space could be used for homes
and businesses?
2. Why have park managers cut down some
trees? Why do other trees show evidence of
having had limbs cut away?
3. What is a deciduous tree?
4.Why do these hardwood trees lose their leaves
in the fall?
Turn north onto Grant
from the corner of
Chestnut Expressway and
Grant Street. Stay on
Grant past Commercial
Street two blocks to
Atlantic. Turn east on
Atlantic and go three
blocks. Lafayette Park
lies opposite Reed
Middle School.