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This 37-acre "little gem" was purchased by the
Missouri Prairie Foundation in 1977 and re-
mains the only publicly-owned virgin prairie in
Polk County. Nearly one third of Missouri was
once covered by native tall grass, now less than
one-half of one percent remains.
Here you will find Indian grass, switch grass,
nine species of mosses, and cattails. Visit the
prairie in spring and summer to enjoy a wide di-
versity of blooming flowers such as sunflowers,
asters, shooting stars and butterfly milkweed.
This is a fine habitat for many varieties of birds,
butterflies and other insects.The Frisco Highline
trail runs along the west side of the site.
La Petite Gemme Prairie
Natural Area
Polk County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 895-6880
daylight hours
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1. What color is your favorite flower? Draw a
picture of it. If you don't know its name have an
adult help you find it.
2. How many different kinds of birds can you
find? Do you know their names? Can you tell the
difference in their calls?
3. Why do you think the tall plants in the low,
wet area are called cattails?
4. What is the difference between an annual
plant and a perennial plant? Which type do you
think most of the plants here are?
From Springfield drive
north on Hwy 13 to
Bolivar. Take the Business
13/Hwy 83 exit then turn
west. Follow the road
(E473) 1 miles.
The road makes a sharp
right turn. Go straight
ahead to the dead end.