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This 160-acre tract of native prairie is the place
to find lots of blooming and booming activity.
Visit in the spring to view many wildflower
species in bloom, including the royal catchfly.
About this same time you might also experience
the unique "booming" mating call and strange
dance of the male Prairie Chicken. This conser-
vation area is devoted to the preservation of the
Prairie Chicken, a small native grouse. Fewer
than 500 of these birds remain in Missouri.
Kickapoo Prairie
Conservation Area
Farm Road 2040
Lawrence County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 895-6880
daylight hours
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1. How many different wildflowers can you see?
Draw and color pictures of your favorite.
2. Can you see or hear any birds? How many dif-
ferent birds can you describe? What role do they
play in this environment?
3. What do you know about the prairie chicken?
Why has it become endangered? Research and
record at least 4 facts. Check out this site on-
From Springfield, take
I-44 west to the Stotts
City (Hwy 97) exit. Take
Hwy 97 north 8 miles to
Hwy 96. Continue 2 miles
north of Hwy 96 and turn
west on Farm Road 2040.
Look for the "Santa Fe
Ranch" sign. Drive mile
to parking lot.