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This rugged 1,534-acre conservation area has
it all: steep hills, oak and hickory forests, unique
glades and the beginning of Roark Creek. 5.6
miles of hiking trails provide an opportunity for
exploring the site.There are four kiosks that de-
scribe the glades habitats, common in this area,
and three observation decks provide some spec-
tacular views. Nature study and bird watching
are favorite activities here.
Most of the area was donated or purchased
from Ruth and Paul Henning.The late Mr. Hen-
ning is best known as the creator of the Beverly
Hillbillies, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction
television series. It was their wish to keep this
unique landscape available for all to enjoy.
In Harold Bell Wright's book, Shepherd of the
Hills, he writes about several sites that are found
on what is now Henning Conservation Area in-
cluding: Dewey Bald, Boulder Bald, Sammy
Lane's Lookout, The Signal Tree, and Little
Pete's Cave. (A bald is a treeless area.)
Ruth & Paul Henning
Conservation Area
Hwy 76
Taney County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 334-4865
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1. When standing on the observation deck near
the parking lot, estimate how far you can see.
2. Name some animals that you might find in a
3. How hot is the glade on a sunny day when you
are visiting?
4. What is the most common species of tree
found in the glades?
From Springfield, take
Hwy 65 South to Branson
and take Hwy 465 (High
Mountain Road) off of
Hwy 65. Go to the end of
465 (take the Hwy 76
exit) and turn right
(towards Branson).
Henning Conservation
Area is just off of Hwy 76
on the left side heading
toward Branson.