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These two joined parks offer one of the largest
and most varied activity parks in Springfield.
Walking and biking are the mode of choice to
explore the whole place. The eight-mile South
Creek Greenway trail runs through the park,
bringing many people by bicycle and on foot to
the park. Drummond Lake serves as the focal
point next to the many Master Gardner display
gardens. There are also many places to picnic,
fly a kite and play.
The Gray-Campbell Farmstead is on the far east
side of Nathaniel-Greene Park.This is one of the
original pioneer settlements from when Spring-
field was founded 150 years ago. Although the
buildings were moved to the park from their
original location, visitors can get an excellent
glimpse into what life was like in Springfield
back then.
Nathanael Greene Park
Close Memorial Park
2400 S. Scenic
Springfield MO
417 869-1049 or
Japanese Garden
417 864-1051
daylight hours
free, except
Japanese Garden $3
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1. How many different types of gardens did you
see? What are native plants and why are they
2. How do they use grass and leaves from the
park? Hint: there is a sign.
3. How do the greenway trails benefit water
4. What kind of creatures do you think live in
Drummond Lake?
Nathanael Greene Park is
located in southwest
Springfield. From the
corner of Sunshine and
National, go west on
Sunshine approximately
3.5 miles to S. Scenic.
Take Scenic south past
Horton Smith golf course
approximately .75 mile.
The entrance to the park
is on the east side of
the road.
The South Creek
Greenway trail begins in
town at National and
Sunset streets, runs
through the park, past
South Creek, and
continues to Wilson's