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Are you ready for a day of bike riding? Would
you enjoy a nice walk alongside a gurgling
stream? If so, the Galloway Creek Greenway is
the place for you. This 6 mile long linear park
connects Pershing Middle School, Sequiota
Park, the Springfield Conservation Nature Cen-
ter, and Lake Springfield. The trail passes
through neighborhoods, shopping areas, and the
quaint Galloway Village. Galloway Creek is
often visible from the trail and provides oppor-
tunities to observe wildlife and enjoy the sounds
of nature. Birds and animals might also be spot-
ted in Lone Pine Park. Pack a lunch and relax at
the beautiful Sequiota Park or at Lake Spring-
field. Whether you come for an entire day or just
an hour, you are sure to return.
Galloway Creek Greenway
Springfield-Greene County
Parks and Recreation,
1923 N. Weller
Springfield, MO
417 864-1049
daylight hours
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1. Where does the water in Galloway Creek end
up? Why is it important to keep this waterway
clean and free of trash?
2.What should you do when the bike path comes
to a roadway and you must cross it?
3. Look for rabbits, squirrels, and other small
critters along the way. How many different
species can you identify? What type of habitat
does each prefer?
Trailheads are at Pershing
Middle School, east of
Lone Pine on Seminole;
Sequiota Park, south of
Battlefield on Lone Pine;
south end on Lone Pine at
Hwy 65; Springfield
Conservation Nature
Center (no bikes or dogs
allowed on Nature
Center Trails).