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The Frisco Highline Trail is the second longest
Rail-to-Trail in Missouri, stretching 36 miles
from Springfield to Bolivar. It's also a National
Recreation Trail; equestrian use is limited to a
10-mile section (check trail maps) as designated
by the National Park Service. Most of the trail
is compacted crushed gravel, with paved sec-
tions in Willard and Bolivar.This trail is popular
with cyclists that want many country miles to
explore a 70 mile round trip, if you're up to it!
Runners and walkers also enjoy the gravel sur-
On the north half of the trail, there are sixteen
railroad bridges to cross! Pretend your bicycle is
a locomotive heading across the country through
this beautiful Ozarks farmland.
At mile marker 32, on the Bolivar end, the trail
passes through lovely La Petite Gemme Prairie,
which has been preserved by the Missouri
Prairie Foundation. This is a rare remnant of
native tallgrass prairie that once covered nearly
a third of Missouri. Along with native grasses,
look for many colorful wildflowers blooming
in season, as well as the butterflies, bees and
important insects they attract. As you enjoy the
beautiful scenery keep look out for small
animals and birds.
Frisco Highline Trail
Greene & Polk counties
c/o Ozarks Greenways
P.O. Box 50733
Springfield, MO 65805
417 864-2015
daylight hours
Trail maps available
online, from Ozarks
Greenways, and local
bike shops.
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1. How many different species of birds did you
see during your visit to the Frisco Highline Trail?
How many can you name?
2. Did you see berry bushes along the trail? Why
does the plant have thorns? What function do
you think the thorns serve?
3. What do you think the name "La Petite
Gemme" means? Why do think the Prairie was
given this name?
To Springfield trailhead:
From the corner of
Kearney and Kansas
Expressway, take Kearney
Street west to Eldon Road,
which is just west of U.S.
160 (West Bypass).
To Willard trailhead:
Go north on US 160
(West Bypass) to Willard.
Exit right to the downtown
business district.
Trail parking is available
at the paved trailhead next
to Willard Middle School
on Jackson Street.
See trail maps for
additional trailheads.