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This 5,600-acre site was named after early
landowner Frank Drury and the settlement of
Mincy. Located in the heart of the White River
glade region, it was the Conservation Depart-
ment's first deer refuge. At the beginning of the
twentieth century the number of deer in
Missouri had dwindled to only fourteen herds,
totaling less than a thousand animals. A group
of private landowners purchased this land in
1929 and worked with the Department of
Conservation to increase deer numbers. Over the
next three decades, deer from the Drury-Mincy
area played a significant role in restoring the
statewide population. Today there are close to
one million deer in Missouri.
The region consists of a mixture of woods and
glades, with oak-hickory as the primary forest
species.These rolling hills and post oak savanna
are cut through with numerous springs and
dotted with some twenty ponds. Wild turkeys
flourish in this habitat.
Conservation Area
Taney County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 334-4830 or
417 256-7161
4am 10pm
Check with conservation
department to find the
hours that apply to camp-
ing, hunting and fishing.
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Hiking and bird watching are some of the main
attractions of the park. Hike along an accom-
panying 1 mile trail to discover a small sink-
hole named Bear Cave. Watch birds in their
habitat at the stands of giant cane. Also, find
time to enjoy the fishing and hunting the park
has to offer.
1. Describe Bear Cave when you find it. Why
might it be called Bear Cave?
2. In the spring, listen to the many frog and toad
calls. How many different calls can you identify?
3. Can you find evidence of turkey in the fall and
winter? Look for a large area of scratched over
leaves on the ground. Can you identify what
they are eating?
From Springfield, drive
south on Hwy 65 to
Branson. Exit onto east
Hwy 76 and follow this
road about 5.5 miles. Turn
south (right) on Hwy J and
drive 5.5 miles. There you
will find a sign directing
you to the Drury
Conservation Area one
mile straight ahead.
Or you can turn right onto
J40 to reach the Mincy
Conservation Area.