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Doling Park, one of the oldest parks in Spring-
field, was founded in 1907. For decades it was
a major attraction for local residents. The park
featured entertainment such as an amusement
park, a roller skating rink, and a man-made lake
where fishing and paddle-boating could be en-
joyed. Much of the lake was drained; it is now
much smaller. Today, either ducks or geese can
be found there year round.
Giboney Cave was once open to the public, but
the cave is now gated off. Tours of the cave are
still available at selected times.Times are posted
outside the cave. A small spring emerges near
the cave's entrance and modest bluffs on either
side offer some rough hewn trails for climbing
This 56-acre park is still a popular place for a
picnic in warm months, and a swimming and
wading pool provide a chance for a refreshing
dip. Go inside the Merrill Cooper Conservation
Area to take a short trail that meanders through
the woods and beside a dry creek bed. Head to
Doling Park
301 E. Talmadge
Springfield MO
417 837-5900
417 864-1049
daylight hours
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the Doling Museum to see memorabilia from the
park's heyday or check out the Doling Family
Center for all the amenities of a modern health
1. Doling Park is home for the cave dubbed
Doling Park's Outdoor Underground Classroom
Cave. What is the name of this cave?
2. What fossil is the state fossil of Missouri and
is found in Giboney Cave?
3. Giboney Cave is home to what species on the
Concerned List in Missouri?
From the corner of
Kearney and National, take
Kearney west until you
reach Grant. Turn north on
Grant and go two blocks to
the first light at Talmadge.
Go east on Talmage for
two blocks and Doling will
be on the left.