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Busiek Forest offers a variety of recreational
choices and outdoor challenges.There are eight-
een miles of well marked trails for hiking, biking
and horseback riding. Facilities and features
also include: primitive camping, picnic areas, un-
staffed firearms shooting range, intermittent
stream (Camp Creek) and a permanent stream
(Woods Fork). Special Use Permits, required for
camping, are available through the Springfield
regional office.
This area is mainly forest with savanna and old
fields. The streams are crystal clear and are a
favorite spot during the humid days of summer.
The whole area is teeming with whitetail deer,
bear, turkey, rabbits and many other animals
that reside in southwest Missouri.
Busiek State Forest
and Wildlife Area
Hwy 65
Christian County, MO
Missouri Department
of Conservation
417 895-6880
daylight hours
closed on Mondays
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1. What type of land is being restored here?
2.What animal has recently come back to live at
the park?
3. Who primarily uses the food-plot areas?
From Springfield take
Hwy 65 south for 18 miles.
The main entrance to the
park is on the left hand
side. Inside the park, a
right turn will take you to
the west side and the
shooting range. A left turn
will take you to camping
on the east side of the
park. Trails are located
on both sides.