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Amenities. features that make a place more attractive
Annual. a plant that flowers, produces seeds, and dies in one growing season
Aquifer. a water supply that lies beneath a layer of rock, sand, or gravel
Arboreal. relating to trees
Artifact. an object made by a human being
Barometer species. a type of plant or animal whose well being reflects the
healthy state of that environment
Bedrock. the solid rock beneath a layer of soil
Bluff. a steep bank or cliff
Broadleaf. the flat green leaf on a hardwood tree
Conifer. a tree that has thin needle-like leaves and produces seed cones
Conservation. the preservation and care of a natural or cultural resource
Cultivar. a variety of plant that is bred and developed by humans
Deciduous. describes trees and bushes that lose their leaves in the fall
Diverse. made up of many different parts or kinds of things
Ecosystem. a localized group of organisms and the environment they inhabit
Endangered species. a type of living organism that is threatened with
Evergreen. a type of tree or bush that has leaves throughout the year
Feral. plants or animals that were once domesticated but which now live
in the wild
Fossil. the remains of a plant or animal preserved inside a rock
Gazebo. a small open.sided building that commands a pleasant view
Glade. an area in a wood or forest without trees or bushes
Habitat. the environment and conditions in which a plant or animal lives
Hardwood. the wood from a broad-leaved tree, as opposed to the wood
from a conifer
Hybrid. a plant or animal produced from a cross between two different species
Karst. a limestone landscape featuring caves, crevices, and underground
Kiosk. a structure at the intersection of walkways where information is posted
Limestone. rock formed from the skeletons and shells of ocean organisms
Multifaceted. having many different qualities or features
Oasis. fertile ground in a desert where water and plants can be found
Pavilion. a structure in a park, fair, or garden used for shelter and
Perennial. a plant that lasts for more than two growing seasons
Plateau. an area of high ground with a fairly level surface
Prairie. a treeless grass-covered plain in North America
Protected species. a type of plant or animal legally classified as endangered