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Solar Cooker
What you need:
Pizza box
Black construction paper
Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Graham crackers
Chocolate bars
What you do:
1. You will make a flap in the top of the box. Draw a line two inches from the
sides and front of the box. Cut on the line to form a flap. Leave the back
side attached. Bend the flap back and cover it with aluminum foil.
2. Cover the opening where you cut out the flap with plastic wrap.
3. Line the bottom of the box with newspapers. Cover the newspapers with
black construction paper.
4. Put a marshmallow on a graham cracker and lay it on the black construc-
tion paper. Close the box.
5. Prop open the flap so the sun will reflect from the aluminum foil to the
6. Check your solar cooker every 15 minutes to make sure it is in the sun.
7. When the marshmallow is almost done, add the chocolate. After the
chocolate softens, you can enjoy your treat!
8. What caused the marshmallow to cook? How long did it take to cook your
s'more? What could affect the cooking time?
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