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Backyard Ice Art
What you need:
Aluminum pie pan
Cotton string, about 24 inches long
Berries, sunflower seeds, evergreens, twigs & leaves rinsed clean
What you do:
1. Fill the aluminum pie pan with water
2. Make a loop of string and place it along the edges of the pan in the
water leaving half of it out of the water.
3. Arrange the berries, seeds, twigs and leaves in the pan of the water.
You can also add dried flowers and nuts if you like.
4. Set the pie pan outside to freeze overnight
5. To remove the ice picture, set the bottom of the pan in warm water for a
few seconds (20-30), and then remove it from the pan. Hang it outside on
a branch near a window so you can enjoy it!
Your ice art will last as long as the weather is below freezing. When it melts
you will have a nice treat for the birds and animals.
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