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A Nature Scavenger Hunt
Take a walk outdoors and practice observing, tallying, and categorizing while
you're at it!
What you do:
Try to find each of the items listed below. If the item has the word "collect,"
you may put the item in your bag. If the words "describe and note location"
are next to it, write where you found the item, but do not remove it!
1. a blade of grass (collect)
2. an acorn cap (collect)
3. a leaf on the ground (collect)
4. a pine cone (collect)
5. a twig longer than your thumb (collect)
6. an ant hill ( describe and note location)
7. plants or insects in a sidewalk crack (describe and note location)
8. birds (describe and note location)
9. amphibians or reptiles (describe and note location)
10. squirrels or other small animals (describe and note location)
11. signs of larger mammals (note and describe location)
12. two different kinds of seeds (collect)
Adapted from
Senses Observation Walk
What you do:
Go outside to an area with lots of trees and other plants. Take ten steps in
any direction and then close your eyes. What do you hear? Smell? Feel?
Record your observations in a journal.Take ten more steps in another direction
and repeat questions. Compare and contrast the different observations you