“Move to Amend” Fights Corporate Personhood, Mary LindsayWhen EXXON “speaks” Politicians Listen!
By Mary Lindsay, KCMoveToAmend.org

Fifty-three of the 100 largest economies in the world are not countries; they’re corporations, including Exxon. With the 2010 Citizens United v. FEC ruling, a starkly split U.S. Supreme Court freed corporations to spend unlimited money to campaign for or against candidates in elections. The financial and political dominance of corporations literally imperils Planet Earth.

In 2000, the Sierra Club’s Corporate Accountability Committee wrote that the Club “...focused more on the environmental and public health EFFECTS of corporate power, while focusing less on the INSTITUTIONS AND RULES enabling corporations to apply that power to harm the Earth and its inhabitants.” The committee recognized that the tactic of challenging one regulation or one corporation at a time could not rein in the environmentally degrading forces wrought by corporations.

The awesome political clout corporations wielded in 2000 grew exponentially into a chokehold on our government since Citizens United.

Our elected officials cannot help us, since in the unlikely event that Congress enacts laws to limit corporate electioneering, the Supreme Court can simply overrule the legislation. With Citizens United the Court gutted McCain-Feingold (aka the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002).

In order to stop the destruction of the environment and our nation, we must reverse the two nonsensical precedents upon which Citizens United is based:

1.) A corporation is a person (with constitutional rights).

2.) Money is “free speech” (so it can’t be regulated in politics).

“We the People” must use the prerogative granted to us by the US Constitution and amend the Constitution, affirming that corporations are NOT persons and that money is NOT speech.Only by such bold action can we overrule the Supreme Court.

The outlandish overreach of corporations through the Court has prompted strong dissent throughout the country. In August, over 1000 citizens attended the first-ever Democracy Convention in Madison, Wisconsin. Not only political activists, but ordinary Americans (when informed) comprehend what we face as illegitimate “free speech” of corporate “persons” drowns out the voices of real people.