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SECRECY CRITICIZED - KCP&L rate hike in works
Kansas City Star, Jan. 29, 2005
Up to 20% boost proposed to help pay for plant
Kansas City Power & Light Co. is quietly pushing a deal that could raise utility rates 15 percent to 20 percent to help pay for a proposed coal-fired plant near Weston.
The higher rates, which would be phased in over a few years starting in 2007, would be the first big increases in nearly two decades for the utility's half-million customers in Missouri and Kansas. more...

The Power of Efficiency
Heartland Sierran, Aug. 2004
Great Plains Energy (GPE) and their regulated subsidiary Kansas City Power & Light (KCPL) have come a long way since September 2003 when they were trying to keep their plans for building two coal-burning power plants from the public. more...

How much more electric energy will we need?
Heartland Sierran, Aug. 2004
KCPL says they expect 2–3% growth per year in electric demand in the region that will require a new coal power plant be on-line by 2010. That is a huge spread! Is it 2% or is it 3%?

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Protestor at "Tell KCPL No Rally"

Tell KCPL No Rally
 Feb. 14, 2004
What a great team!  Thanks to all those who participated and the organizing team that wrote the press releases, contacted the media, made contacts to get people out and prepared for interviews, and lots of other efforts. More...

Power Plant Update
Jan. 13, 2004
Substantial progress has been made on educating the Kansas City area about Great Plains Energy's plans to build two new 850MW coal-burning power plants near Weston, Missouri. More...

Great Plains Energy Admits to plans for 2 coal-fired power plants
Nov. 2003
Great Plains Energy's (GPE) plans for not one, but two huge coal-fired power plants were revealed to the media by Sierra Club after a closed meeting at their Iatan power plant on October 28th. Both plants are to be unregulated "merchant" coal-fired power plants. The energy produced will not be for Missouri, but sold on the open market. The health and environmental impacts of the projects will be borne by Missouri communities.

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Map of power plants in the Kansas City region (Nov. 2004)

Coal Burning Power Plants in Missouri
Sep. 2003
Great Plains Power, an unregulated company created by KCPL, has recently begun the permit process for building an 850MW coal fired unit near the existing KCPL Iatan plant in Weston, MO in Platte County. City Utilities of Springfield (CU) is also planning a coal-fired power plant near the Springfield community.

KCPL to build coal-burning power plant near Weston, MO
Aug. 2003
Great Plains Power, an unregulated company created by KCPL, which is regulated, has applied for air and water permits to build an 850 MW coal fired unit near the existing KCPL Iatan plant in Weston, MO.