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Missouri River

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Historic Manitou Bluffs where Native American rock paintings can be seen.

The Big Muddy River Workshop
by Eileen McManus, THB Conservation Chair (Dec. 2004/Jan. 2005 Heartland Sierran)
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources in partnership with Living Lands and Waters has offered a series of educational workshops for teachers and interested citizens focusing on the function and importance of the big river systems in America. I had the pleasure of taking this excellent workshop and since it was in Columbia, Missouri, we focused on the Missouri River. More...

Floodwall Art in Kansas City?
By Bill Nichols, THB Activist (Jun./Jul. 2003 Heartland Sierran)
This past January, members of the Sierra Club’s Kanza and Thomas Hart Benton Groups met and discussed several projects designed to participate in the Sierra Club’s June emphasis on national river cleanups and the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial celebration. Locally, we will cleanup and beautify some of the Kansas City Missouri riverfront in anticipation of a planned September 13 Missouri River cleanup sponsored by Missouri River Relief. More...

Water, More Precious Than Oil
By Debby Hays, THB Clean Water Committee Chair (Apr./May 2003 Heartland Sierran)
We have enough fears already. We shouldn’t have to fear our waters.

Less than a year ago Robert Kennedy Jr. was in Kansas City calling on local residents to “reclaim our city’s waterfronts, preserve the water and secure recreational activities for future generations.” Standing on the bank where the Missouri and Kansas Rivers converge, he commented, “I look at this river and see a waterfront with huge potential that’s being squandered.” More...