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Kansas City to St. Louis – More travel options than you think
Travelers between Kansas City and St. Louis typically think of two choices – drive or fly. But there are other options. Amtrak, Greyhound, and Megabus can get you across the state in as little as 4 hours and 15 minutes. There's no discount on a round-trip ticket, so feel free to "mix and match" – for example, go by Megabus and return by Amtrak. We've compiled a schedule and other info about the the three carriers for your convenience. Make your next trip more earth-friendly. Read more...

Life Choices for a Sustainable World
Warning: This essay contains ideas that could be interpreted as threats to the "American Way of Life." It also gently appeals to your sense of responsibility to future generations. Read with caution.
You’ve heard about sustainability. By one commonly accepted definition, it means meeting our needs today in such a way that we don’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
No doubt you've seen pitches for products that are "sustainable." Unfortunately, some such products are simply "less un-sustainable" than conventional products.
Let's face it, we can't consume our way to sustainability. Read more...

Living Closer to Home
You reduce, you reuse, you recycle. You avoid excess packaging, use things over and over, and measure your trash in “weeks per bag” rather than “bags per week.”
So what more can you do to reduce the environmental impact of your earthly existence? Try “living closer to home.”
Living closer to home is about transportation. We all need transportation to get to work, to the store, to the doctor, or to visit friends. More often than not, we drive. That’s what our culture encourages us to do, in hundreds of subtle and not so subtle ways. Read more...

Water, Please
by Ron McLinden
It’s summer again, and with summer comes increased consumption of liquid refreshment.
Our industrial economy has devised many ways of refreshing us. All of them involve parting with some of our money, and most of them involve “signing on” to a corporate identity or lifestyle image. The beverage folks have even lured some of us into displaying corporate logos on clothing and accessories, thereby making us extensions of corporate marketing programs. Read more...