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The Missouri Chapter actively works to endorse and promote candidates for political office in order to help Missouri Chapter members and others interested in protecting the environment to learn of the environmental record and policies of candidates in Missouri. A list of all Sierra Club endorsed candidates for federal office can be found here.

The Political Committee

The Missouri Chapter Political Committee identifies candidates who are expected to best represent the goals of the Sierra Club on environmental issues and legislation. Our goal is to endorse and support candidates who can be counted on to preserve the environment.

We have played an increasingly active role in elections in recent years. This highly active committee welcomes colunteer participation - particularly during the busy campaign season - to assist with research, phone calls and interviews. We are also looking for longer-term colunteer committee members who have knowledge of Missouri politics and wish to be part of the endorsement process.

For more information on Sierra Club political activities in Missouri, contact
John Feldmann, Missouri Political Committee Chair,

PAC Donations

PAC donations are critical to our process, and your donations of any size will help us acheive our goals. Please send your check to :

Missouri Sierra Club PAC
7164 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63143

Legislative Scorecard

If you are interested in the environmental voting record of Missouri legislators during the 2011 and 2012 sessions, see our legislative scorecard here.

2012 Missouri Chapter Politics and Elections Page
(updated October 11, 2012)

United States President Endorsement

Barack Obama (D)

Sierra Club Endorsements for House of Representatives

William "Lacy" Clay (D) - MO 1

Teresa Hensley (D) - MO 4

Emanuel Cleaver (D) - MO 5

Jim Evans (D)- MO 7

Missouri Senate Endorsements

Scott Sifton (D) S-1

Jason Holsman (D) S-7

Kiki Curls (D) S-9

Mary Still (D) S-19

Missouri House of Representatives Endorsements

Gerry Byrne (D) H-13

Jim Sweere (D) H-16

Ira Anders (D) H-21

Brandon Ellington (D) H-22

Judy Morgan (D) H-24

Tom McDonald (D) H-28

Ed Lockwood (D) H-43

Ken Jacob (D) H-44

Chris Kelly (D) H-45

Stephen Webber (D) H-46

Margo McNeil (D) H-69

Bill Otto (D) H-70

Sue Meredith (D) H-71

Gina Mitten (D) H-83

Clem Smith (D) H-85

Rory Ellinger (D) H-86

Jill Schupp (D) H-88

Deb Lavender (D) H-90

Jeanne Kirkton (D) H-91

Bob Burns (D) H-93

Vicki Englund (D) H-94

Joe Zelle (D) H-95

Ann Schroeder (D) H-109

Mike Frame (D) H-111

Jeff Roorda (D) H-113

Charlie Norr (D) H-132

James Owen (D) H-134

Casey Clark (D) H-135