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April 1, 2010

The Missouri Sierra Club Endorses Robin Carnahan
Conservation Group Praises Work to Protect Missouri’s Environment

[St. Louis]: The Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club today announced its endorsement of Robin Carnahan (D-MO) in the U.S. Senate election.

"We are very pleased to announce today that the Sierra Club officially endorses Robin Carnahan for election to the U.S. Senate," said Chapter Political Chair John Hickey. "We are confident that she will work to protect Missouri’s environment, for our families and for our future."

The Sierra Club is endorsing Robin Carnahan because she understands the potential of clean energy jobs to put Missourians back to work, to lower utility bills, and to clean our air. With unemployment in Missouri at 9.4%, it is crucial that the federal government enact a clean energy policy that ensures that the clean energy jobs of the future are here in the U.S. and in Missouri.

"We are deeply grateful to Robin Carnahan for her leadership on clean energy issues", said John Hickey "She is a true environmental champion who will not only vote correctly on environmental issues, but will also lead the fight to protect Missouri’s clean air, clean water and special places."

Along with the endorsement, the Sierra Club will lend its volunteer strength to Carnahan's campaign. "We pledge to do all we can to help ensure Robin Carnahan is elected," concluded John Hickey. "With almost 10,000 members in Missouri, we will recruit scores of Sierra Club volunteers to contact voters on her behalf and we will speak to the public as often as possible about her exemplary environmental positions. We look forward to a victory party for the environment on election night and to many more years of Robin fighting for the environment as a U.S. Senator."