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Rick Haesler, Distinguished Service Award

Linda Chipperfield, Sierran of the year
Missouri Rural Crisis Center, Citizen Conservationist
John Carlton, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Environmental Communication
Ron Kucera, formerly MO DNR, Public Official

Robert and Doris Sherrick, Sierran of the year
Tom Kruzen, Citizen Conservationist
Larry Rizzo (Missouri Department of Conservation), public official
Jon Smith (Smith Flooring), Industry

Lewis C. Green, Distinguished Service
Wallace McMullen, Sierran of the year
State Senator Ken Jacob, public official
Craig Cheatham (KMOV-TV), Environmental Communications

Ginger Harris, Sierran of the year
Yvonne Homeyer, Citizen Conservationist
Washington University Environmental Law Clinic, special recognition

Ron McLinden, Distinguished Service
Cheryl Hammond, Sierran
Metropolis St. Louis, Citizen Conservationist
Christine Bertelson, (St. Louis Post Dispatch) Env. Communications
Ann Eggebrecht, Outings

Alan Journet Sierran
Karl Kruse (Scenic Missouri) Citizen Conservationist
Robert Mann Citizen Conservationist
Mike Mansur (K.C. Star) Env. Communications
Representative William Clay, Sr. Public Official
Clint Trammel (Pioneer Forest) Industry
Claralyn Price-Bollinger Special Recognition

Jim & Joann Whitley Sierran
Pat Waterston (MO. Coalition for the Env.) Citizen Conservationist
Becky Thudium (Linn Co. Commissioner) Public Official

Joe Engeln Sierran
Tim Fischesser (St.L. Co. Muni. League) Citizen Conservationist
John Ford (Neosho Daily News) Env. Communications
Joe Bindbeutal (AG’s Office) Public Official
Bill Bryan (AG’s Office) Public Official
Pedro’s Planet (recycled paper co.) Industry
Kay Stewart Outings
the Story Family Special Recognition

John Feldmann Sierran
Jean Ponzi (KDHX - St.L.) Env. Communications
State Rep. Joan Bray Public Official
State Rep. Mike Schilling Public Official
Bob Gestel Outings
Wally Weber (posthumously) Special Recognition

Caroline Pufalt Distinguished Service
Kathy Bildner Sierran
Paul Stupperich Sierran
Roger Allison (MO. Rural Crisis Center) Citizen Conservationist
Melinda Roth (The Riverfront Times) Env. Communications
Laura Scott (K.C. Star) Env. Communications
State Rep. Ken Jacob Public Official
Highlands Section Special Recognition

Barbara Conover Distinguished Service
Troy Gordon Sierran
Terry Spence (Family Farms for the Future) Citizen Conservationist
Penny Holtzmann Outings

Keet Kopecky Sierran
Coalition for the Protection of Public Lands Citizen Conservationist
Stan Slaughter Env. Communications
Congressman Alan Wheat Public Official
Randal Clark Outings
Ken Midkiff Special Recognition

Citizens for Modern Transit Citizen Conservationist
Paul Pepper (KOMU-TV) Env. Communications
Stephen Mahfood (MDNR) Public Official
Toni Armstrong Outings

Barbara Conover Sierran
Ron McLinden Sierran
Craig Volland Citizen Conservationist
Good Neighbors Group Citizen Conservationist
Bill Allen (St.L. Post Dispatch) Env. Communications
Paul Nelson (MDNR) Public Official
Peggy Callahan Outings
Trail of Tears Group Special Recognition

Dan Lehocky Distinguished Service
Randal Clark Sierran
Rich & Fran Glass Sierran
Dave Boltz Citizen Conservationist
Jeanne Heuser Env. Communications
Col. James Corbin (Corps of Engineers) Public Official
First National Pallet Rental/Libla Industries Industry

Dick Kutta Sierran
Caroline Pufalt Sierran
Tracy Barnett (Columbia Tribune) Env. Communications
State Rep. Patrick Dougherty Public Official
State Senator Wayne Goode Public Official
Jim Bensman Special Recognition

Jack Harris Distinguished Service
Greg Iffrig Distinguished Service
Dana Barhard Sierran
Sue King Sierran
John Madras Sierran
Hank & Katie Dorst, Kazie Perkins Citizen Conservationist
(Forest Watchers)
State Rep. Karen McCarthy Public Official

Debra Dolly Sierran
Betty Broemmelsiek (Citizens Comm. Citizen Conservationist
for Soils & Parks)
Charles Callison (Citizens Comm. for Citizen Conservationist
Soils & Parks)
Allen Brohn (MDC) Public Official
Wal-Mart Industry
John Powell (MO. Cons. Commission) Bulldozer

Fran Early Distinguished Service
Jim Young Distinguished Service
Dan Lehocky Sierran
Terry Turner Sierran
Darwin Hindman Citizen Conservationist
Ray Hartmann (The Riverfront Times) Env. Communications
Gene McNary (St. Louis Co. Executive) Bulldozer

1986 None

Judy Gibbs Sierran
Mark Kaiser Sierran
Kay & Leo Drey Citizen Conservationist
St. Louis Post Dispatch Editorial Writers Env. Communications
John Karel (MDNR) Public Official
Bill Waris & Jackson Co. Council Bulldozer

Roy Hengerson Distinguished Service
Roger Hershey Distinguished Service
Clyde Anderson Sierran
Roger Hershey National S.C. Special Award
Charles Davidson (Cons. Federation of MO.) Citizen Conservationist
Susan Flader (Univ. of MO.-Columbia) Citizen Conservationist
Jim Jackson Env. Communications
State Rep. Leroy Braungardt Public Official
Dorothy Ellis (Oregon Co. Court) Public Official
Joe & Susan Walker (printers) Industry
Robert Hunter Bulldozer

Greg Iffrig Sierran
Senator John Danforth Public Official
Senator Thomas Eagleton Public Official
Congressman Harold Volkmer Public Official
Hardin Franks/Wafe Robinson Bulldozer
(Oregon Co. Court)

Roger Hershey Sierran
Dorothy Stade Susan Miller Natl. S.C. Award
Myron Levine (K.C. Star) Env. Communications
Congressman Richard Bolling Public Official

Dorothy Stade Distinguished Service
Roy Hengerson Sierran
Lewis Green Citizen Conservationist
Betty Wilson Citizen Conservationist
Chris Conway (Columbia Tribune) Env. Communications
Tom Englehart (St.L. Post Dispatch) Env. Communications
Herbert Wade (MDNR) Public Official
Lon Simmons (builder) Industry

John Karel Distinguished Service
Roger Pryor Distinguished Service
Fran Early Sierran
Jack Harris Sierran
Barbara Muhlack Sierran
Mac Johnson Citizen Conservationist
Tim Renken (St.L. Post Dispatch) Env. Communications
Charles & Elizabeth Schwartz (MDC) Public Official

David Bedan Distinguished Service
Jerry Sugerman Distinguished Service
Eric Hanson Sierran
Marilyn Harlan Sierran
Sam Orr (Meramec River Campaign) Citizen Conservationist
Emmett Schlueter (Meramec Heritage Citizen Conservationist
Riverways Assoc.)
Al Wiman (KMOX-TV) Env. Communications
William Woo (St.L. Post Dispatch) Env. Communications
State Rep. Wayne Goode Public Official
MO. Conservation Commission Public Official
Gene Boomer (Tanka Films) Industry
Bill Oakey (Gardner Advertising) Industry
Julian Steyermark Special Commendation

Virginia Day Sierran
Jim Young Sierran
Jerry Sugerman National S.C. Award
David Thelen (Columbians Against Citizen Conservationist
Gary Warner (K.C. Star) Env. Communications

1977 None

Doris McAnulty Sierran
Roger Pryor Sierran
John Karel National S.C. Award

1975 None

the Stade Family Sierran
Robert Goetz (Open Space Council) Citizen Conservationist
Virginia Brodine (Environment Magazine) Env. Communications
Jerry Vineyard (MDNR) Public Official
Werner Nagle Special Recognition

Ed Marks Sierran
Ed Stegner (Conservation Federation of MO.) Citizen Conservationist
Randy Herberg (MDC) Public Official
Leo Drey (Pioneer Forest) Industry

Hal Donnelly Sierran
Robert Thomas (Citizens Comm. Citizen Conservationist
to Save the Meramec)
Chylene Jahn (Suburban Newspapers) Env. Communications
State Rep. Jack Schramm Public Official
Bob Hutchison (Falstaff) Industry