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Updated 10/19/2014

To see a complete list of all Osage Group events, outings and meetings, click the following link:

The Osage Group is on Facebook - visit us there soon and join our page for updates on events.

Do you know about the Osage Group Listserv? Members can request to join it by sending an email to Jan Dye at Lots of local members are on the listserv - this is where we discuss local environmental issues, and is another place you can get information about local outings, events, and meetings.

Single Use Plastic Bags - information about ordinances banning their use

Make your own reusable bags from old T shirts you already have! Super easy instructions are right here: Easy Tote Bag.pdf.
Don't want to sew? Here's another super easy tutorial that involves NO SEWING: Be sure to watch it all the way through, there are two different bags, one slightly easier than the other. Click here for the YouTube tutorial: Even Easier No-Sew Bags

We very urgently need people who want to serve on the Executive Committee.  If you're curious, here's the information you'll need to ponder:
Here is the Executive Committee member job description from the Sierra Club website:

Please give this some serious thought. It's not a huge time commitment, unless you want it to be, and your participation is desperately needed. Being on the Ex Com puts you in contact with leaders and volunteers of many other like-minded groups in the community and greatly expands your circle of influence. I think you'll find it worthwhile and rewarding.

If you think you would like to run, please send an email to Jan Dye, or call 573-808-1076 to discuss.