Non-Tax Deductible Contributions
Contributions or gifts to “Sierra Club Missouri Chapter” are not tax deductible; they support our effective citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts in Missouri. This type of gift is preferred as it provides maximum flexibility for our work in Missouri.

Using this donate button allows you to pay with your normal credit card or debit card.

* Only non-tax deductible donations can be made online.

Tax Deductible Contributions

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or include the Missouri Chapter of Sierra Club in your estate plans, please contact the Missoui Chapter office toll free at 1-800-628-5333 or 314-644-1011.

Mail-In Donations

You easily make a donation by sending a check made out to the "Missouri Sierra Club" to this address:

Missouri Sierra Club
7164 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63143

Missouri Chapter Home
Your donation is essential for the Missouri Chapter to achieve its priorities. 100% of your gift to the Chapter is put to use in Missouri.

Your donation will go to protect Missouri’s natural heritage and will ensure that we have the resources to:
  • Lobby the Missouri legislature
  • Fund our priority campaigns
  • And will support those efforts by:
    • Increasing communication with our members
    • Developing strategic coalitions
    • Implementing campaigns to hold elected officials accountable
    • And initiating litigation when necessary to hold businesses or government agencies accountable to the law.

These are our Priority Campaigns:
  • Clean Air & Energy: Promoting clean energy solutions while opposing more dirty coal-burning power plants.
  • Water Quality: Protecting the integrity of Missouri’s water resources.
  • Public Lands: Preserving and restoring forests, riverways and urban wildlands.
  • Livable Communities: Promoting sustainable communities and transportation choices.
Thank you for your donation to the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club.