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New Leader at MO DNR

Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a new director, Mark N. Templeton, who was appointed by Governor Nixon. Mr. Templeton is a Missouri native, with a diverse work history. He has worked as office director of the Human Rights Documentation Center in Bangkok, Thailand and as a research associate in New Delhi, India. Prior to his return to Missouri he was associate dean at Yale Law School.

There are several topics we would like to see on his agenda. For instance, we would like to see Proposition C, which requires utilities to use a percentage of renewable energy among their sources, carried out by DNR. Also on the energy front, 2008 legislation required that DNR carry out various energy efficiency programs, such as offering energy audits. That and more will be needed for Missouri to do its share to meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s goal for improved residential and commercial energy conservation codes.

Confined animal feeding operations, CAFOs, are under DNR’s directive; we hope DNR administers its permitting process to forcefully respond to the health and environmental pollution issues CAFOs pose. Several areas of the state still do not meet federal Clean Air standards. DNR will continue to face tightened regulations in these areas and will need to be both tough and willing to work with local interests to find workable solutions.

Our State Parks are Missouri treasures. But they face a backlog of maintenance and problems due to encroachments from our growing population. We hope DNR will be a fierce advocate for our state parks.

These are just a few of the issues ahead for DNR and its new director.