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Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental Sustainability:


Many committees use the term sustainability which is a larger umbrella than climate mitigation. A plan for sustainability will contain a balance of social, economic and environmental initiatives. Most of what we feature pertains to environmental sustainability and especially to its important basis of climate mitigation. If you want to learn more about the larger umbrella of sustainability, please contact us for additional sources.


University City: Green Practices Committee


The Green Practices Committee presented a Sustainability Strategic Plan to their city council in October, 2010 in which they said the Triple Bottom Line is “The simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity

·  People

·  Planet

·  Profit”


Their plans include initiatives in many areas. Here are the areas they chose for their Sustainability Strategic Plan Matrix:

Ecosystems/ Habitat

Water/ Stormwater

Air Quality/ Transportation

Waste/ Resource Conservation

Land Use/ Open Space/ Parks


Green Buildings.


The mayor signed the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in 2006 but the Green Practices Committee (GPC) is a citizens committee much needed for direction, expertise and research. The GPC reached out to U. City citizens in a series of town hall meetings in winter, 2011.  


The Green Practices Committee sent an ordinance to the city council with the expectation that the council will appoint an official Green Practices Commission in late summer 2011.  All present committee members will reapply to be on this more formal commission.  Once the committee becomes the Green Practices Commission they will place these items on their agenda:


Final Sustainability Plan

Final Greenhouse Gas Inventory report

Final Street Lighting report

Energy Policy for the City