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Cool Cities St. Louis is Evolving!

Our Message To You!

Thank you to our many members and friends who participate in their green city meetings month after month. And please, share your success stories with us so we can all celebrate!

Henry RobertsonBecky Denney
Energy ChairEMG Conservation Chair
Missouri Sierra Club




Cool Cities depends on volunteers and friends in our cities and towns in the St. Louis area. The initiatives within the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement are a great starting point to save energy and choose cost-effective actions for your city. If you want to help the Sierra Club fight climate change in your city, our program is for you. We will help you engage other citizens in this effort.


Another first step is to invite community groups to work with you. When you meet to discuss the changes your city can make, you will want to choose at least one champion such as the mayor or a city council member to work with your group.  Some cities name a green commission without the mayor signing the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement but the best progress is made when the mayor and the city council make a written commitment.


A quick look at websites for our Cool Cities shows that each city has a different name for its climate action committee. Some are set up as environmental committees and some are set up by the city councils as commissions. But each depends on citizens to move their city toward the benefits of clean, cost-effective energy, protection of natural resources, and healthy lifestyles.