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Politician Political Committee

The Political Committee is responsible for organizing help for grassroots campaigns to support candidates for political office who endorse constructive environmental policies.

How you can help

There are lots of ways, and even a little of your time will be a tremendous help! The political committee is seeking folks who will reach out to others by telephone, march in rallies, register new voters, or use the computer to investigate elected officials' voting records.

People willing to help organize these various activities are also needed. We will participate in a voter registration drive as well.

If you are willing to run for office or know the ideal candidate, we'd like to hear from you.

Additional Information

Don't forget, other interest groups will be supporting candidates to work on their behalf, often at the expense of Missouri's natural places. It is imperative that we elect representatives who will work on preserving the environment against the forces of special interests that care little how much they damage it, so long as they make money. We also need to elect officials who do not place the burden of toxic waste clean-up and other messes on the taxpayer.


For more information or to volunteer, call the EMG office at 314-644-1011.

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