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Lemonade Stand Lemonade Committee

The Lemonade Brigade is the major fundraising activity for the EMG, and provides the best lemonade in the world.

Never a dull moment and free lemonade for volunteers! The more than $20,000 generated every year is just an extra benefit.

How you can help

The main help needed is with setting up and taking down the booths and selling lemonade throughout the day. Activities range from squeezing lemons and selling to the public, to washing the dishes and taking the booths back to our storage shed.

Additional Information

Ask a few members about lemonade to find out what a fun and rewarding experience it is. Hundreds of members have enjoyed this profitable activity. Some people help one time, others pitch in at every event for years, all are appreciated.


To volunteer for any or all of these great events, or get more information, call: Jim Young 314-664-9392 or Marilyn Harlan 314-966-8797. Talk to any of the lemonade veterans at one of the EMG general meetings to learn what a great experience it is.


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