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SierraScape September 2012 - February 2013
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Ozark National Scenic Riverways Update

by John Hickey
Chapter Director
Missouri Sierra Club

You might be wondering – what happened to the National Park Service's (NPS) plan to issue a draft General Management Plan (GMP) for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR)? After all, the Sierra Club collected and submitted over 1500 petition signatures demanding a plan to address damage caused by unauthorized vehicle access and excessive horse traffic.

Don't worry- you didn't miss anything. The NPS delayed the date for issuing the draft GMP to January 2013 (yes – in four more months!). At that time, Club members will analyze the three options presented and advocate for a preferred version.

What can you do in the meanwhile to build support for stronger protection of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers? Here's four ideas.

  1. Volunteer for trail maintenance on the Ozark Trail during October 20-27 on the Blair Creek section, which the Sierra Club is responsible for. A well-maintained trail means more hikers, which means more people who experience the area along the Current River and become advocates for more effective stewardship.
  2. Join the Sierra Club outing on the Current River on Oct 13-14, and see the situation for yourself.
  3. Invite a speaker from the Sierra Club to talk to interested groups. You could even organize a meeting of Sierra Club members in your town to discuss this campaign.
  4. Use our Legislative Scorecard to know how your state representative voted on HCR 52 (a resolution opposing NPS action on problems at ONSR)– and use that information to guide your vote on November 6th. The scorecard is on the MO Chapter website.