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SierraScape February - March 2011
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Retain the City Earnings Tax - Vote Yes on April 5

by John Hickey
Contributing Member

On April 5, St. Louis City voters will decide whether to retain the current earnings tax, which generates about 35% of St. Louis City's General Revenue. The Sierra Club recommends a "yes" vote, which would preserve the earnings tax, since maintaining the viability of the urban core is necessary for reducing sprawl, limiting greenhouse gases and facilitating energy efficiency. Our group has a long record of opposing urban sprawl, and supporting public transit investment to support smart growth. This election provides a key opportunity for our members to take the next step in that campaign.

City General Revenue funds many environmental programs, including park maintenance at Tower Grove, Carondelet, and the North Riverfront Parks. For many urban kids, these city parks are their access to open space.

We have over 500 Sierra Club members who live in St. Louis City – our votes can be the margin of victory. We need members to volunteer for phonebanking, mailings, and leafletting – please call the office (314-644-1011) or email to get involved!